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Field Applications Engineers serve a wide range of roles, ranging from troubleshooting to sales. They are responsible for engineering a system in production, helping with product testing, and managing projects. Field Applications Engineers are usually employed by technology companies as highly paid professionals. They make use of organizational skills and are relied upon for their creative thinking abilities to solve any problems that may arise in production.

Application engineers are essential in helping manufacturers adapt their existing technologies into products that are both usable and relevant for local markets. For professionals seeking a job that is both client-facing and technically stimulating, these openings present a great entry point into the automotive sector.

What Does an Application Engineer Do?

Application engineers act as the bridge between their clients and the engineer’s R&D centers, which are typically based overseas. These professionals do not create new products. Rather, they modify existing technologies to the unique specifications of their customers. Examples of modifications could include adjusting the size of a fan to fit within a client’s car engine, or redesigning a chassis to match other manufacturers’ components. You will be dealing directly with your clients to understand the specific technical specifications of their demands. Strong technical knowledge in your specialized product sector will be essential and because of the large amount of time you will spend liaising with your clients, strong communication skills are also a must.

The essence of the sales engineering role can be called by various names. Which name is most apt can even depend on which industry it is used in. Some common job titles that involve the essence of sales engineering include Sales Engineer, Systems Engineer, Customer Engineer, (pre-sales) consultant, Technical Account Manager, Applications Engineer or Field Applications Engineer, and others.

The term systems engineering has various degrees of meaning. It is often nearly synonymous with industrial engineering. However, in any market economy industrial engineers often also provide some sales engineering as a necessary portion of their work. Service technicians in industrial fields may also find that their work challenges them to provide some sales engineering, to whatever extent they are capable of providing it, because they interface with customers having problems with equipment (or lacking the right equipment) and seeking solutions (anywhere from diagnosis and repair, to identifying entirely different systems that could be used instead).

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    • Oil & Gas
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      • Wind farms
      • Substation/transmission
    • Manufacturing
    • Architectural & Engineering Firms
    • Land development
    • Medical device manufacturing
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