Over the past few decades, the job market has continued to change, and those that rolled with those changes are the ones who have fared the best. At One Tech Engineering, we offer technical recruiting services to help employees across many sectors stay ahead of those changes. In this post, our technical recruiters are breaking down seven steps to further your career in a changing workforce. Contact our team to learn how our technical recruiting services can give your career a push in the right direction.

1.   Continue Learning

To keep your love of your career fresh and stay abreast of current trends and industry changes, continue to prioritize learning. If you encounter a topic that interests you, take some time to explore it further. Networking with others interested in the same topic can also lead to professional connections that lead to opportunities down the road.

2.   Check Your Online Presence

In addition to keeping your resume updated, be sure to polish your LinkedIn page and curate your other social media pages to put your best foot forward and network with other professionals.

3.   Keep in Touch

Even if it’s just a brief “Hello” every now and then, it pays to maintain connections from high school, college, and previous employment. When you’re on the job search, you can use these connections to get the word out.

4.   Meet New Connections

Take advantage of professional organizations and continuing education opportunities to help broaden your network. Changing roles from time to time and exploring new opportunities can also lend itself to new connections.

5.   Get Familiar With Your Strengths

It can be difficult to land a job when you’re not comfortable talking about what you have to offer. Try to familiarize yourself with common interview questions and practice your answers. Additionally, become comfortable with the virtual interview process since they are becoming more common.

6.   Reconsider Your Career Goals

One of the biggest mistakes working professionals can make is to get stuck in a narrow line of work without leaving their options open. Spend some time assessing whether you’re satisfied with your current career choice as well as what you’re willing to change. Some experts recommend listing out your ideal company size, location, and company culture. Ask yourself if you’re willing to change job roles or industries down the road. 

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