If you are considering a career change following the Covid-19 pandemic, you aren’t alone. In fact, a third of workers under 40 want to make a career change post-Covid.

And if pursuing a job in energy and utilities appeals to you, but you need a few more reasons to take the plunge, you have come to the right place. In this post from One Tech Staffing in Minnesota, we’re looking into the five best reasons you should consider pursuing a job in Energy and Utilities. To connect with our recruiters, give One Tech a call today.

Here are some of the best reasons to consider making a career change to the energy and utility sector.

You Can Travel Anywhere

It's safe to say that the need for energy and utilities is common worldwide. You will not be confined to one place with a job like this. You will have the opportunity to travel around the globe.

Additionally, you also have the opportunity to travel domestically, especially if you are interested in an engineering career which entrails frequent trips to rural areas.

The Career Options Are Endless

You may be surprised to know that the energy and utility industry includes many large sub-industries, including petroleum, nuclear power, energy trading schemes, renewable energy, coal power, etc.

Therefore, there are many career paths in these sub-industries. For instance, power engineering jobs, electrical engineers in power plants, maintenance officers, etc., are available positions/careers.

The energy and utility industry offers jobs in various in-house careers, such as human resources, customer service, sales research, production maintenance, etc.

The Industry Keeps Evolving

It is true that up until a few years ago, we didn't even know how to get more solar and wind energy. Nowadays, you have the technology and the resources to make even the impossible possible.

The industry and its technology are improving, especially in the energy and utility sector. You have access to smart thermostats, AI applications, energy storage, smart power strips, etc.

So finding jobs in a career that keeps evolving makes up for doing all the hard work. It keeps getting better and more exciting. The future of this career may end up with the addition of blockchain technology, smart cities, battery advances, smart grids, etc.

You're a Part of Something Bigger

Everyone uses energy, and everyone needs energy. You will be a part of an industry that influences many lives. Whether it is being connected to the infrastructure of the grid or being affected by it, everyone values it.

Every country's economy and workforce rely on having a constant stream of energy in their industry. Therefore, you are a part of a career and an industry that is bigger than what it seems due to the constant need for it.

Plus, with experience in this field, you can help others around you to understand their power supplier options, utility bills, and what they can do to use energy more efficiently.

You Can Expand Your Knowledge

Sometimes opting for jobs that offer tons of experience is better for your resume than how much you are getting paid. In the energy and utility sector, you will meet experts, engineers, and experienced energy professionals daily.

Besides learning more about the sector, you will also gain the knowledge and skills you need by working with experts. You can expand your understanding of the energy and utility industry.

So whether you want to be a software automation engineer or a Cad engineer, you will gain the knowledge you'll need in the energy industry.

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