Now that the world is finally getting back to normal post Covid-19, the workplace has changed substantially. The U.S. job market is saturated with new opportunities, making it a great time to find your next position. In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that even the jobs considered desirable up to a few years ago have changed drastically.

In this post from One Tech Staffing, we will look at what the 50 best jobs in America are right now, and why moving to a new state for a job opportunity might be the ideal choice for the next stage in your career.

When Moving Is the Right Choice for Your Career Search

Whether you’ve lived in the same state your entire life or you’re used to moving frequently for job opportunities, moving for a job can be a big decision, especially if you have a family. The good news is that no move needs to be a permanent one if you miss “home,” and there are many temporary jobs these days, offering the experience of living in another state for a limited time.

If you do decide to take the leap, working in different parts of the U.S. offers various advantages for your career.

When You Seek Diversity

There is a great deal of diversity in America. If you move around throughout your career, it’s likely you will get to work with different people from all around the country (maybe even all over the world), all with unique cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

America is full of hardworking and dedicated people wanting to start a new life for themselves. What better time than now to explore a different part of the country and find new inspiration in your professional life?

When You Desire More Experience

A CV that includes several diverse experiences will make you stand out from other candidates and give you an edge. It shows your passion and willingness to get out of your comfort zone and work in a variety of different environments.

And there’s no shortage of technical positions across the country right now, despite the pandemic. America is still home to some of the largest multinational companies, offering growing work opportunities in engineering, power and utilities construction, automation, manufacturing, and other technical fields.

When You Want an Experience of a Lifetime

Since there’s so much diversity in the U.S., moving during your career provides an opportunity for you to blend in with people from all over. If you’re new to the industry, one job or internship can sometimes change your whole career, so why not go for it?

Outside of work, moving offers personal growth and the chance to see more of the country. From beaches to mountains to forests and deserts, you can explore different landscapes and learn new ways to relax, work, and play by being open to new perspectives and immersing yourself in different communities. And for all the foodies out there, it’s a chance to try delicious cuisines from virtually all around the world!

50 Best Jobs in America

If you are looking for a job opportunity, here are a few of the best jobs in America right now, according to Glassdoor. Check out the rest of the best jobs in America here.

Data Scientist

Data scientists essentially gather raw data and extract meaning from them. It is an IT-based job where the scientists are responsible for identifying data-related problems and finding solutions to them by creating algorithms and other data modeling processes.

Data Architects

Data architects are individuals who design blueprints and review the data infrastructure of a business/organization. The architects are IT professionals that find and implement solutions to manage the data of the organizations.

Additionally, all computers use data at some point, which means data architects can work in many different industries.

Information Security Engineer

It is an information security engineer's job to monitor the standard network security protocols without getting any private and essential information from getting hacked or, worse, stolen.

The information security engineer designs and integrates information tools and IT systems specifically made to protect electronic devices.

Java Developer

A java developer is a specialist programmer who develops software using the java language. A java developer is usually always present in developing the life cycle of a product. They should be quick to grasp innovative ideas, analyze the problems and find appropriate solutions.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer should understand the software development cycle and should be able to understand various automation tools. They are IT generalists that know coding, infrastructure management, and system administration.

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