That first day at a new job can feel as pressured and overwhelming as the interview day. You may feel a heightened sense of anxiousness or pressure to fit in, get along with coworkers, and not mess anything up.

The best way to relax before you start your new job is to be prepared, so the recruiters at One Tech Staffing have made this guide to set you up for success and a new job start you can feel good about.

Prepare for Your First Day

You want to start with a good first impression and develop trust and a solid connection with your new coworkers, managers, and staff, and it’s all based on how you approach your first day.

Whether this is your first job or your tenth, make these preparations before day one so you’re set to impress!

Plan Your Route to Work

Figure out the best commute to your new job if it requires you to be at the office or work site. Plan for traffic, time the commute, and know where you can park so you can time your entrance early.

Read Through Onboarding Materials

In the days before your start date, take the time to review any onboarding materials your new company has sent you. This likely includes health benefits packages, 401(k) plans, dress codes, and company policies.

Be familiar with these materials to show your new employer that you’re prepared and excited for your new role, and ask questions if you have any.

Practice Your Office Talk

If you get a little nervous when meeting new people, prepare some responses to typical first-day questions your new colleagues might ask you, like where you’ve worked before this, your work history, or questions about your hobbies and interests.

6 Things to Bring on Your First Day

There’s always a learning curve during the first week as you transition into your new role, but you can make it easier by having your bag packed with the things you’ll need at the start.

1. ID or Other Forms of Identification

Your employer may require you to bring various forms of identification in order to start the onboarding process. They may provide a list of acceptable forms, but plan to bring your driver’s license or state-issued ID, a passport, Social Security card, proof of address, or more.

2. Banking Information

Have any banking info, like your account numbers or even a voided check, ready for the HR department so there’s no delay in setting up your direct deposit or collecting your paychecks.

3. Lunch or Money for It

Don’t assume your employer will buy you lunch on your first day. It’s better to be prepared and self-sufficient until you have a better grasp of the company culture. Pack a lunch or have a plan to grab a quick lunch out.

If your coworkers or employer invites you to lunch, plan on paying for your meal. You don’t want to start your time owing someone money.

4. Notepad and Pen

Bring something you can take notes with. Whether you’re old school or prefer a laptop, you’ll be given a lot of initial information and want to write at least some of it down for reference later.

Jot down colleagues’ names, record your login information, keep track of who does what in the office, and more while you start establishing your tasks.

5. Cellphone

You likely won't go anywhere without it, so have your cellphone with you on your first day and take notes, get coworker phone numbers, and add tasks and reminders to your calendar.

However, keep your phone on silent. While it’s appropriate nowadays to have our phones out more and used as work devices, using them for personal reasons throughout the workday is not okay.

Make a good impression and silence yours until you see how company policy around them works.

6. Questions

While not a tangible item, you should bring questions on your first day. Listen to all the onboarding information your supervisor provides, take notes, and ask questions. This shows your willingness to learn and engage with the company.

Plan some questions about your new role and the company before your first day. Now that you’re beyond the interview, you can ask more in-depth questions on how to succeed in the position, the protocols you need to follow, and other responsibilities you’ll need to perform.

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