Beginning a new job can be both exciting and nerve-racking. No matter how confident a candidate feels about his or her credentials and experience, most of us are susceptible to new job anxiety. When that job anxiety evolves into self-doubt, it can impact your performance and sabotage your success.

At One Tech Engineering, we’re no strangers to the pressure engineering and technical professionals place on themselves. We work with technical and engineering candidates tot help them achieve professional success every day. We’ve put together these tips for success to help you succeed when you take on a new professional role.

The Paradox of Performance

One of the reasons otherwise successful professionals struggle with new job anxiety is the same force that often leads to their professional success. Highly driven engineering and technical industry professionals tend to place a high level of pressure on themselves to perform. They are constantly analyzing their own performance, a characteristic that can cause them to overanalyze when faced with a new environment and circumstances.

Even if they’re a perfect cultural fit for a new company and their resume is solid, these high performers can manifest imposter syndrome. Developing a well-devised plan for success can help keep you grounded during the first few months on the job.

Follow these steps to stay on track for success:

1.    Reframe your perspective.

The first 90 days or so of your new employment is a chance to start fresh and focus on undoing bad habits you may have previously fallen into. If you tend to push yourself too hard or have difficulty putting your ideas out there, look at a new job as a chance to build a new foundation for success.

2.    Focus on your personal brand.

Work on building influence and credibility throughout your new workplace. Decide how you want to be perceived and strive to build a reputation by projecting that image consistently.

3.    Be prepared.

Connect with your new supervisor ahead of time to confirm logistical details. Continue to set aside time to research the company and its products and services. Learn about key stakeholders, colleagues, clients, and your company’s movers and shakers.

4.    Create manageable goals.

Look for projects you can participate in and opportunities to show you’re motivated and driven. Give yourself something to feel successful about.

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