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Contract to Direct

Contract to Direct

Contract-to-direct hiring offers you the flexibility to quickly ramp up and staff down depending on your immediate needs. Because we rarely work on contracts shorter than six months, you'll have ample time to make sure a worker is a great fit before committing to a full-time hire. Here are some other reasons companies like the contract-to-direct-hire process.

  • The company lowers employment risks by having more flexibility in the hiring process.
  • To avoid employment overhead costs until the employer is certain he or she wants to hire someone (those costs are the responsibility of the contracting firm during the contracting period).
  • The hiring process is substantially more involved for a direct-hire role than for a contract-to-hire role. This process limits the risk of hiring people who do not fit your company’s goals or culture.
  • The company doesn’t have a direct-hire slot open, but does have a contracting slot open. There are direct-hire slots anticipated or planned for the near future. Or there is the hope that everyone will love the contractor and will clamor to convert him or her to direct-hire.
  • For vague, non-specific reasons, the company is more comfortable with the try-before-you-buy model.
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