During the COVID lockdowns of last year, the world began to rely more than ever on virtual meetings from virtual school and remote work to virtual job interviews. But even before the pandemic hit, digital interviews were already on the rise. If you don’t have much experience with virtual meetings, the thought of an online interview may prove an unexpected challenge.

In this post from the technical recruiters at One Tech Engineering, we’re sharing tips for nailing those virtual interviews. Give us a call to learn more about landing your dream job!

The Challenge of Virtual Interviews

When you’ve got a big job interview coming up, you want to do everything you possibly can to make a positive first impression. And even when you feel completely prepared, the interview process can be incredibly intimidating, especially if it involves a series of several interviews.

But even professionals who usually nail interviews and perform well face-to-face can be intimidated when those interviews are scheduled for video meetings. All of those natural, comfortable social cues can end up getting in the airways, and many candidates find the lack of personal interaction stifling.

Follow these steps to put your best foot forward:

1.   Choose Your Background Carefully

We’ve all seen our share of poorly considered Zoom call backgrounds over the past year. Ideally, choose a clutter-free backdrop that doesn’t distract too much from you. Remember that what’s in your background can tell part of the story, too, and you don’t want to tell the wrong one. If we’ve learned anything from news reporters, you can never go wrong with a classic bookshelf.

2.   Look Your Best

Even if you’re only going to be seen from the top up, be sure to dress completely in a professional attire that reflects the culture of the company you’re applying with. Dressing your best from head to toe can boost your confidence and empower you to give your best performance.

3.   Check Your Body Language

In the absence of face-to-face interactions and handshakes, your body language says everything about who you are and your professional credibility. Position your webcam level to your sightline, and keep your posture straight throughout the interview. Demonstrate attentive listening by looking into the camera and remaining still. If looking at yourself during the meeting is distracting, consider hiding your own video preview from yourself.

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