Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our lives in ways we could never have predicted. As we all worked together to safely get through the worst of it, millions of Americans replaced their morning commutes with webcams and Zoom meetings.

After a long year of challenges, millions of vaccines have already been distributed, and experts are predicting a return to normalcy in the coming months. However, many of the adaptations of the pandemic year are expected to permanently change the professional world as professionals across the country return to work.

At One-Tech Engineering in Minnesota, our engineering and technical recruiters have their fingers on the pulse of the job market. Read on to learn some of our biggest predictions for the workforce in the coming year.

1.   Vaccination Nudges

While not all employers will require employees to be vaccinated to work, many employers are expected to ask whether they have been. Now that there are several vaccines in widespread distribution and with most Americans expected to become eligible over the summer, more employers will encourage their staff to take the shot.

Many workplaces will want to benefit from advertising that all of their employees are vaccinated. Although sticky legal issues could prevent some employers from requiring vaccination, expect to see incentives for vaccination and gentle encouragement.

2.   Increased Privacy

Over the past decade, the collaborative space, an open office environment meant to encourage interdepartmental communication, became more popular as many companies ditched the privacy of individual offices and cubicles.

With many of the health concerns that arose during the COVID crisis and an increased emphasis on digital communications, more companies will revert back to greater privacy. Expect to see a modified version of the social bubble as workplaces encourage team collaboration and team workspaces.

3.   Flexible Work Weeks

During the pandemic, it’s safe to say most people experienced a shift in priorities as we spent more time in our homes and with our families than we had in years, if at all. Millions of remote-working Americans and employers began to realize not only that remote work was possible but also that the work-life balance benefit was tremendous.

Many employers will continue with this flexible model in the future, offering flexible work from home hours in addition to planned meeting days and collaborative office hours. Expect clear expectations and guidelines for how time should be spent in meetings and when working from home.

Additionally, millions of women have left the workforce in the past year to manage virtual school and family obligations. Expect more companies to offer part-time hours, flexible hours, and childcare as a tool for retaining good employees trying to balance home and work.

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