Do you find yourself wondering why everyone else seems to know about fantastic job opportunities while your job search comes up with limited options? That may be because you’re looking in all the wrong places.

Just a few short decades ago, there were two main ways to go about getting hired. Either you knew someone personally or you found an opportunity on a traditional job board or classified listing. But in the Information Age, it can almost seem like there are unlimited job board listings out there on the web. Nonetheless, few of those listings end up being the great opportunities your colleagues always seem to find.

In this post from our engineering and technical recruiters at One Tech Engineering, we’re breaking down a few simple hacks to tapping into the hidden job market. Contact us to get a look at a hidden job market you didn’t know was out there!

The “Hidden” Job Market

If you’re having trouble getting in on the best opportunities before they’re taken, it’s probably because you’re not reaching recruiters early enough in the process. The key is to connect with engineering or technical recruiters early on in the hiring process. In an ideal world, you’ll be on hiring managers’ radar before the listing is ever posted on public job boards.

For many of today’s hottest engineering and technical jobs, especially for prominent companies, a job listing can garner as many as hundreds of applicants. You want to be one of the first applicants a hiring manager comes into contact with so that you’re more likely to land an interview.

The Iceberg Effect

One hiring expert equated the job market to an iceberg. Think of advertised jobs as the tip of the iceberg. Although it can seem like there aren’t many opportunities out there, this tiny sliver amounts to a mere fraction of the overall job market. The rest of this massive iceberg is made up of word-of-mouth hires. If an engineering recruiter already has a list of good people to contact before an opportunity arises, they’ll know exactly who to recommend for these jobs. Sites like LinkedIn and professional engineering and technical recruiters serve as an excellent source for connecting quality candidates with the right role for their skills and experience.

Here are a few tips for breaking past the tip of the iceberg:

●        Begin building connections on LinkedIn.

●        Use Facebook and social media sites to network.

●        Keep in touch with former classmates and coworkers.

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