Do you still love going into the office? Or do you find yourself watching the clock while you wait for the end of the day? If you’ve lost the enthusiasm you once had for your job and you find yourself dreading Mondays, it may be time to move on.

Dissatisfaction with one’s current employment is a common thread for employees across the workforce in all sectors. But just because you’re not thrilled about your current set of circumstances doesn’t mean there isn’t a better opportunity out there for you.

At One Tech Engineering, our engineering recruiters help connect engineering industry pros with jobs where they can thrive and grow. In this post, we’re covering some of the common signs you might want to consider moving on. Give us a call to talk with our experienced technical recruiters and change your work week for the better!

Searching for the Ideal Workplace

Every professional has his or her own idea of what makes up an ideal workplace. For many in the engineering sector, a perfect work environment means feeling they can be productive and contribute to a team. At the same time, it’s just as important to make a salary you’re comfortable with while achieving a work-life balance that doesn’t have you living at your job.

Whatever your job or ideal work environment is, job dissatisfaction can lead to burnout. Before that happens and you start to dread clocking in, look for these clues that it might be time to move on:

1.   You’re Dissatisfied with Management.

Not every personality is going to get along with everyone else at work. But there’s a difference between minor personality bumps and having a more serious workplace issue with management. Some of the most common management complaints include a toxic workplace, mismanagement, or a sense that one’s contributions are undervalued.

2.   Your Motivation is Waning.

Every professional has his or her primary workplace motivation. Whatever that is, it can be a powerful driver of workplace enthusiasm. When your sense of purpose starts to feel like it’s missing, your motivation can drop off.

3.   You’ve Outgrown This Environment.

Whether they’re mechanical engineering jobs, civil designer jobs, or technical drafting jobs, the best engineering and technical roles allow employees the opportunity for skill growth. If you’ve hit the ceiling on your professional growth in your job, you’re missing out on an opportunity to strengthen your core skill set.

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