We all have one or two friends or family members who couldn’t wait to get back into the office after the pandemic. For many tech and engineering professionals, the social aspect of work is a strong motivating factor for their desire to come back to the office. And especially for extroverts, trying to connect with colleagues and share ideas via video conference and email can feel impersonal and empty.

But although some employees thrive in the office experience and struggle with Zoom meetings, about a third of us loved working remotely and performed well in this model. And even among those who look forward to returning to work, most would prefer to do so under a hybrid remote work model.

In this post from One Tech Engineering, we’ll explore why more people prefer remote work and how you can continue working remotely with our technical recruiting services. Here’s what you need to know.

The Remote Shift

Even in the technical fields, many working professionals would have had a hard time imagining a world where most people worked remotely before the pandemic. But in the face of unprecedented challenges, most firms and employees adapted surprisingly well.

Now that the pandemic is waning and employers are starting to shift back to full-time office hours, many employees are expressing an interest in a hybrid or full-time remote model. In fact, more than half of employees state that they would prefer a hybrid model.

With the infrastructure already there, we already know how well this model can work. With fewer employees in the office, companies save money on facilities. And employees appreciate the time they gain by giving up their commute to work as well as the many well-being benefits of staying closer to home during the workday.

Here are a few more reasons some employees prefer to work from home:

●        They’re able to focus on projects without having to worry about the social component of office interactions.

●        Working from home often comes with schedule flexibility.

●        Employees and employers experience a greater sense of mutual trust.

Getting Hired Remotely

If you’d prefer to stay close to home while working for a productive team, start by updating your resume and LinkedIn to reflect your remote work experience and skills. Next, connect with our technical recruiting services at One Tech Engineering. We understand the hiring needs of tech firms and work to connect the top remote employees with organizations who want to hire them.

We also offer a range of hiring opportunities including consultants, contract, and direct hire opportunities, including:

●        Automation engineers

●        Robotics technicians

●        PLC programmers

●        Mechanical designer jobs

●        Manufacturing engineers

●        Project managers

●        And more

Minneapolis Technical Recruiting Services for Remote Workers

If you want to work remotely but you’re worried about giving up your benefits package, our technical recruiting services at One Tech Engineering can help. Get hired remotely today by contacting our tech recruiters at 952.884.9199, or contact us online to learn more.