The job market is changing in the post-COVID world, and navigating some of these challenges can be intimidating for anyone going through or anticipating a career change. But even amid all of these changes, one thing career experts agree on is the positive outlook for tech industry jobs.

At One Tech Engineering, our Minneapolis-based technical recruiters work with professionals and tech firms to connect the best talent with the right opportunities. In this post, we’re breaking down predictions for the top tech jobs in the coming year according to human resources experts. To get started on the path to your future, contact our technical recruiting services today.

 In no particular order, here are three of the top tech job predictions for the coming year:

1.   Cybersecurity Analysts

If you’ve followed the news in the past year, you know that there’s been a significant uptick in ransomware attacks on companies and organizations of all sizes. Once limited to large corporations, these attacks have been targeted to more vulnerable smaller companies in recent months as well.

To fill the need for ramped-up security, firms are hiring new grads the moment they’re conferred or even competing for security analysts. Since there’s nowhere near enough talent to fill these spots, many experienced cybersecurity analysts are setting the terms of their employment and shopping around for the best opportunity.

2.   Data Scientists

Data scientists function as a type of interpreter, bridging the gap between raw data and useful insights for organizational success. With a median salary of around $122,000, data scientists are one of the most highly paid and highly sought-after roles for tech employees. And since data science is used in a wide range of fields from health care to academics, experts predict the outlook will only get better for data science professionals in the coming years.

3.   Web App Developers

These days, web applications are used by most companies for a wide range of reasons from marketing strategies to training manuals. A company’s needs and objectives are constantly changing, which means the need for web app developers is only continuing to grow.

Firms want to hire tech industry pros who keep up with best practices and have the flexibility to pivot to different projects and goals as needed. With an average salary of around $36 per hour and constantly growing demand, web app development is a promising career with plenty of future opportunities.

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With all of the tech opportunities on the horizon, the future looks bright for Minnesota tech professionals. If you’re ready to take a bite of the apple and move into a great new opportunity, it’s time to connect with our technical recruiting services at One Tech. Give us a call at 952.884.9199, or contact us online to discuss your future today!