Starting the job search can be one of the most stressful and challenging hurdles most of us will face as professionals. And once you’ve landed the job, you still need to make a good first impression. Not too long ago, that meant showing up ready to work and looking sharp for your first week on the job. But since the pandemic has transformed the professional world, many technical and engineering professionals are shifting to a remote office format.

Although this model can be an exciting and flexible opportunity, many professionals are not clear on how to make a strong positive first impression when the workload is virtual. Rather than building office relationships around cooler chat and engaging colleagues with body language, today’s remote workers have to find new ways to stand out. Follow this advice from the technical recruiters at One Tech Engineering to make a great remote first impression every time.

1.   Understand the Company Culture

Every organization has its own company culture, and when you’re starting a new job, learning that culture can be a part of the learning curve. But understanding this culture can help to smooth interactions and give you a stronger sense of strategy when you’re pitching ideas.

When interacting with colleagues, pay close attention to the way new ideas are generated, received, and shared in the workplace. Is the company culture more formal or natural? Are employees expected to work independently or keep everyone in the loop?

2.   Be a Good Listener

Without the benefit of small talk and nonverbal cues, you’ll need to make the extra effort to help colleagues feel at ease with you. Try to ask questions and encourage colleagues to engage more openly during virtual meetings. Take a moment to ask everyone how they are doing and what they have been working on. Remember details your colleagues share and ask follow-up questions.

3.   Make Time for Individual Connections

When you’re primarily connecting with coworkers via Zoom meetings, interactions can take on a strictly transactional quality. Experts recommend making time to meet with colleagues for brainstorming and idea-sharing sessions to build on connections and establish trust.

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