With the United States fast approaching its vaccine goal, the post-pandemic economic recovery is already underway. Millions of businesses across the country are opening back up, and the economy is expected to grow at its fastest pace since 1984.

And thanks to the sudden need for employees in a short time frame, millions of workers are taking advantage of the opportunity to look for better positions. According to experts, as many as one out of every four employees plans to switch jobs in the current job market.

In this post from our technical recruiting services at One Tech Engineering, we’re breaking down everything you need to know to switch jobs post-pandemic. Connect with our technical recruiters to learn more about what we can do for you.

Changing Values

If the downtime you experienced with friends and family during the pandemic was eye-opening, you’re not alone. These are just some of the things workers are looking for when making the big switch:

1.    Work-Life Balance

With the shift to remote work and increased time at home, American workers began to realize they valued having more family time. Now that there’s a little wiggle room during this transitional economic period, more workers than ever are using their leverage to shop around for a better work life.

2.    Career Advancement

Many workers fear that time spent out of a traditional work environment could potentially set them back in their career advancement. Others may have been looking for a change before the pandemic set in. With these concerns at the forefront and plenty of jobs available, millions of employees are looking for an opportunity to take a better position.

3.    Increased Benefits

Even though the economy is making a comeback, millions of workers are saddled with debt and out of savings after spending time on furlough or out of work. Expect employers to expand cash bonuses, retirement plans, healthcare plans, and paid family and medical leave.

Make the Switch With Technical Recruiting Services

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