If you’re a recent grad with an engineering certificate or degree, you’re in one of the most promising fields out there on the job market today. In fact, even when other industries were struggling through job market stagnation, engineering jobs continued to experience growth. The same holds true for salaries in engineering fields. Since the 1960s, engineering job salaries rose steadily, while other fields saw lower wages across the board.


At One Tech Engineering in Minnesota, we are a Minneapolis-based engineering and technical recruiting firm that works to match quality employees with careers they can grow in. We’ve put together this guide to how engineering salaries have changed over the past few years.


Engineering Field Security Over the Years

Engineering jobs have continued to do well over the years because society continues to become increasingly dependent on technical jobs. Nowhere is this truer than with technical jobs. As the demand for products and services related to technology and skilled technical information increases, jobs in the engineering sector have enjoyed stability and growth.


But in the past decade, jobs in engineering have seen significant increases in salaries over other fields. In fact, certified engineers typically see higher salaries than people with four-year degrees in other fields of work. Of the top 17 degreed professions today, ten of them are engineering jobs.


Continued Salary Growth

Engineering salaries are doing well these days. In fact, engineering salaries can easily exceed $100,000 annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, engineering salaries grew at a rate of four percent annually until a few years ago, when they began to see a sharp jump. Today, most engineering jobs are projected to grow seven percent annually for the next decade. The median salary for all engineering jobs in 2018 was about $66,000 per year.


Plenty of Jobs to Go Around

Besides boasting steady salary increases, engineering jobs have continued to remain diverse and plentiful. In fact, there are more than 40 different types of engineering professions available in several diverse fields. At One Tech, we offer jobs for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers, and project engineers. We also place applications engineers, hardware engineers, and controls engineers.


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Minnesota Engineering Recruiting Services

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