In today’s world, having a job with great benefits is more important than ever. This is especially true when it comes to health benefits. Because of the Affordable Care Act, all Americans are required by law to carry some form of health insurance. Because millions of Americans get their health benefits through their employer, it can be tough to find good affordable insurance on the open market. For employees working as contract employees, health benefits are often elusive, and yet contract work is often the best route to a lasting career in engineering.


At One Tech Engineering in Minnesota, we are a Minneapolis-based technical recruiting firm that takes offers terrific health benefits so our employees can stay healthy. Read on to learn how One Tech stands out with great health insurance benefits.


Engineering and Technical Careers Today

A career path in engineering is a path toward greatness. In fact, engineering is one of the fastest-growing professional fields with some of the highest salaries in any industry. But getting connected with a great company can be tricky. You need a chance to show a quality engineering or technical firm what you have to offer as an employee.


Traditionally, that path to employment meant taking on a low-paying job or even an internship, but with our engineering recruiting services, you don’t have to wait to get started. By working contract or contract to direct, you and an employer get to see if you’re a good fit without getting stuck at the resume phase of the process.


Benefits of Engineering Recruitment

One of the best parts about working for One Tech is that you are covered with the same great benefits as a full-time position with any other engineering firm. We understand that giving our employees benefits frees them up to focus on their jobs rather than seeing their current position as a means to an end.


This means you have the chance to really shine in your field and prove yourself to an employer. The firms we work with understand that they’re getting the top technical and engineering talent, and our employees don’t have to worry about looking for something better down the road.


Health Care Benefits

At One Tech, we know that one of the most important benefits we can offer our employees is health insurance. That benefits us and the firms we work with by keeping our talent healthy and ready to work. It also helps prevent future health problems down the road. We offer 50 percent medical and dental insurance coverage for our employees because we value their overall well-being. 


We also offer the following benefits:

●        Paid vacation

●        Paid holidays

●        Free liability and disability


Minnesota Engineering Recruiting Services

If you are looking for a great career path that doesn’t compromise on health care benefits, One Tech Engineering in Minneapolis and St. Paul is here to help. We provide recruiting services for technical and engineering professions including civil engineering jobs, technical engineering jobs, and project managers. If you are ready for a career you can grow in, talk to our recruiting experts at 952.884.9199, or contact us to learn more.