Engineering is one of the best fields for both genders. Even when the job market was stagnant for many other professions, the engineering field continued to expand and grow, increasing the demand for engineers. This demand has opened new opportunities for women to move into high demand engineering roles with lessening the pay gap of their male counterparts. In a world where many fields still see a pay gap of as much as twenty percent, female engineers have started to earn more money compared to other fields and lessen the pay gap.


With many jobs for women coming at about thirty percent less pay than their male counterparts for the same jobs, female engineers tend to come in within a ten percent differential. One Tech Engineering in Minnesota is working to bridge the gender pay gap entirely, giving women the pay they deserve for their important contributions in the engineering fields. One Tech works to get the best offer possible for their candidates and provides many benefits for their contractors.


1.      Three Types of Job Placement

With One Tech, we offer job placement to connect women with the best jobs and companies in their fields. The companies we partner with know that our engineering professionals represent the best in the industry, which is why they trust us to help them find the best hires. We offer three types of job placement: direct, contract to direct, and contract.


2.      Many Engineering Positions Available

It can be tough to find the right job in your specific area of engineering.One Tech partners with ou to find the best suitable position in your area of engineering expertise. We also offer job placements for technical designers and project managers.


3.      Competitive Salary and Benefits

A key benefit of partnering with a recruitment agency is getting connected with competitive salaries and benefits packages. When you work with One Tech for your job search, you’ll find a partner that is ready to work hard for you. One of the only recruitment agencies that provides full benefits for our contractors, you will be pleased to find a competitive salary along with unbeatable benefits package. All of our engineers are paid based on their abilities and experience, which means women get the same pay for the same job as their male counterparts.



Great Job Opportunities for Women

For women in engineering, the future looks bright. Outlook for all engineering fields is positive, and jobs will continue to grow. As the engineering community struggles to keep up with that demand, more women than ever before will move into key engineering positions.


If you’re ready to be a part of that trend, our professional, technical recruiters at One Tech can help. Speak with One Tech today at 952.884.9199, or contact us to learn more about our competitive salaries, unbeatable benefits package, and wide range of job opportunities for women.