Technical designers fill a key role in today’s world. From the inception of an idea to its delivery, you need the best designers and drafters in the field. Whether you’re looking for designers and drafters with specialized expertise in a specific industry like oil and gas, or you need an innovator who isn’t afraid to take on a challenge, we can help.


Our technical recruiters at One Tech Engineering in Minnesota match the best employees with firms where they can grow and contribute to an important team. Here are a few ways we help connect your company with the best technical designers:


1.      Provide skilled candidates with technical backgrounds

When you’re looking for good people to add to your team, you need to know they’ll have the specialized software knowledge you’re looking for. For example, mechanical designers and drafters need to be proficient in computer-aided design software or CAD. We’ll make sure the technical professionals your company connects with are experts in the right software for the job.


2.      Target the correct specialization

If you’re working in a specific field, you need skilled employees with knowledge of specific industry concerns. One Tech can help connect you with candidates who have an expertise in the field you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for photovoltaic drafters, pipeline drafters, architectural drafters, or aeronautical drafters, we can connect you with highly specialized experts.


3.      Partner with knowledgeable, technical recruiters

When you’re staffing your team, you need to know that your recruiter has a keen grasp on your field. That’s where our experts at One Tech come in. We work with technicians, designers, and drafters from a wide range of fields as well as work with numerous clients in various technical industries. We understand that your team may need professionals with a strong grasp of Auto CAD or electrical engineering, and we know what expertise in those fields looks like from our years of recruiting experience.


Minnesota Technical Drafting Jobs and Recruiting

If you’re hiring technical industry professionals, our experts at One Tech can help connect your office with the best in our field. Whether you’re looking for medical device manufacturing designers or civil and structural technical drafters, we have the right candidates for the job ready to come to work for you.


If you are ready to get the best people on your team, call us at 952.884.9199, or contact us to find out more about how we can help.