Although the economy has seen better days, experts agree that employees have more leverage now than they’ve had in years. If you’ve been waiting to make your move and push for a higher salary, now is the time. And at One Tech Engineering, our technical and engineering recruiters can help you get there.

In this post from One Tech, we’re covering everything you need to make the most of salary negotiations and start making the salary that you deserve. To connect with our technical and engineering recruiters and get started on your path to professional success, call us today!

Challenges in Salary Negotiations

Have you ever wondered why other people seem to be able to negotiate better salaries but you never have the opportunity? It’s possible that you’ve had that opportunity plenty of times and simply not realized it.

Although opportunities to negotiate salaries arise during key periods like performance reviews many employees are timid about asking or don’t know how to initiate these discussions. While this process can seem daunting or even intimidating, the truth is that while it can’t hurt to ask, not asking will inevitably result in no salary increase. And women are even less likely to negotiate their salaries than men despite the pay disparity between genders.

To get past your fears and make the most of salary negotiations, follow this advice:

●      Channel Confidence

Think about someone you know who seems to get what they want every time or channel someone you highly respect who exudes a higher level of confidence in negotiations. You’d be surprised at how often simply asking with confidence can get someone further in life.

●      Don’t Hold Back

Humility is not your friend during salary negotiations. Women in particular tend to worry about coming across as overconfident or bragging. But when it comes to salary negotiations, you want to demonstrate that you know your worth and you need your employer to acknowledge it financially.

●      Use Success-Focused Body Language

We’ve all heard of faking it until you make it. Even if your palms are sweating and you’re feeling anxious, use the psychology of body language to project power and confidence. Practice your numbers ahead of time. Walk into your negotiation with straight posture, keeping your head still during the meeting. Maintain eye contact throughout the interaction, but try to smile if you can do so naturally. Mirror your employer’s body language if he or she seems in control of the situation.

●      Speak With Intention

Using a steady voice, state your number. Don’t rush your speech. Instead, be sure to pause regularly to collect your thoughts. Although it can be tempting to fill uncomfortable silence, try to instead use that silence to your advantage.

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