If you’re hoping to find a better employment opportunity, now is a great time to do it. In the shifting hiring climate and amid changes like a shift to partial and full-time remote working opportunities, however, many applicants find the process daunting. And one of the most formidable challenges of the hiring process for many is how to successfully negotiate the salary question.

If you’re worried that answering the salary question with the wrong figure will get your application screened out of the process, you’re not alone. At One Tech Engineering, we specialize in technical recruiting services. In this post, we’re delving into the salary question to help you navigate the hiring process and make the most of your next interview process.

Encountering the Salary Question

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of applying for a terrific position you know you’re a perfect candidate for. After outlining your credentials, however, you come across a question you just don’t feel comfortable answering: the salary question.

Unfortunately, salary requirements are becoming a fairly common question for online applications. The ultimate goal for most workers is to increase their salary from one position to the next, and the last thing you want to do is ask for a salary that’s significantly too high or too low. And since you’re aiming for a new position, you don’t want to base your salary request on what you made previously.

With so many recruiters using screening software, it’s perfectly valid to be concerned that putting in the wrong dollar amount could get you tossed out of the applicant pool. So what can you do?

The Best Way to Answer

If you have the time to research salaries for this company and position, that’s always your best bet. Likewise, if you know someone who works for that company, you can ask them if they’re familiar with the salary requirements for the position you’re applying for.

However, if you’re left in the dark on approximate salaries for this position and you need to get your application in quickly, there are a couple of workarounds. If it’s possible, type in the phrase “commensurate with job description.” If you’re required to enter a number to move on with the application, you’re better off putting nothing in the text box than making a bad guess. Try either skipping this question entirely or typing “$0” or “$1.”

During the interview process, you can clarify that you needed to learn more about the position before asking for a salary amount. However, before you step into that interview, you need to do your homework and research the job title and similar salaries so you can come to the table with a salary range.

If you’re looking at similar positions online, be sure to take these factors into consideration:

●        Geographic location

●        Compensation packages

●        Sector

●        Industry

●        Company size

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