If you’re having trouble hiring the right people these days, you’re not alone. Dubbed “The Great Resignation” by many media sources, the pandemic recovery period has left countless companies across the country without good staff.

But professional hiring companies that work with engineering and technical drafting jobs and recruiting know something that many companies don’t: it’s more of a shift than a resignation. Although it’s true that American workers are quitting their jobs in unprecedented numbers, the reality is that most workers are simply leaving their jobs to pursue different opportunities.

The key to attracting great candidates in the pandemic recovery period is understanding workers’ needs and motivations. And one of the biggest factors involved in their decision-making process? Work-life balance. To help you leverage that information for your company’s bottom line, One Tech Engineering is breaking down the top five reasons to offer employee benefits. Here’s what you need to know.

1.   Insure against the Great Resignation.

Getting good candidates is important. But so is protecting your organization from losing the high-quality employees you already have. After all, hiring and onboarding can take time, and there’s no guarantee the replacement staff you hire will come close to the skills and expertise of your existing staff. And it’s much less costly in terms of finances to keep the staff you’ve got.

2.   Attract better candidates.

If the pandemic taught employers anything, it’s that American workers are realizing that their health, overall well-being, and personal lives need to be prioritized. And they’re willing to give up higher pay to prioritize those important aspects of their lives. When you pair good pay with a benefits package that helps employees prioritize their work-life balance, you’ll attract better candidates.

3.   Be competitive.

Many of the top companies in the country are looking at their benefits packages to attract better employees in the pandemic recovery. And today’s benefits packages go beyond basic health insurance, life insurance, and vacation days. To remain competitive, your organization should take a look at what the top Fortune 500 companies are offering and mirror their most popular offerings.

4.   Increase morale.

Offering good benefits means workers experience better buy-in and loyalty to their employers. An attractive benefits package helps workers feel their employer cares about their overall well-being and adds up to a happier, more productive workforce and increased morale organization-wide. Together, those factors contribute to your company’s healthy bottom line.

5.   Improve workforce health.

Employers play more of a role in their employees’ health than they previously understood. Offering excellent healthcare and mental health benefits means workers will be more likely to avail themselves of those types of resources.

Your staff will be healthier, happier, and less likely to miss work due to sick days or leave altogether from burnout.

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