2021 and 2022 saw millions of people quit their jobs in search of something better. And while toxic work environments, low pay, and poor management were at the top of their list of reasons to leave a company, work flexibility came next.

In this techno-advanced age, employees and potential candidates are seeking more ways to balance their work and home lives, enjoy positive employee experiences, support their mental health while supporting their families, and feel more productive during their workday.

In many cases, this is exactly what employers want, too!

So, here’s the deep dive into how work flexibility can empower your employees, help you recruit and retain more new workers, and propel your business forward.

The Stats on Work Flexibility

From the Skynova study to the Adapt survey from Topia, studies throughout the U.S. show that work flexibility is the driving force behind the Great Resignation of the early 2020s.

A Flexjobs survey even found that workers are willing to leave their current job without having another one lined up because of their dissatisfaction with their work environments. 

Here are some key takeaways from those studies:

●        43% of workers left their job due to having no remote working options

●        41% of employees quit because they were not allowed flexible schedules

●        42% left due to burnout

●        49% quit because of a lack of healthy work-life balance

●        78% of employees working with rigid schedules said they were interested in finding a new job

●        90% of employees believe flexible schedules can help employers retain employees

Why Employees Value Work Flexibility

For employees, there are two forms of work flexibility: having the ability to work from home or work remotely and being able to set more comfortable working hours. Both of these aspects are being asked for in many industries, and people are willing to leave their current companies to find a place that offers them these flexibilities.

But why? Why are employees wanting these benefits now?

It’s not just a reaction to the pandemic.

Healthier Living

Employees may have experienced schedule changes and work-from-home setups due to the pandemic, but many people have found that in doing so, they’ve created healthier and more manageable work schedules.

Many employees have linked their mental health and work-life balance to flexibility in their work environments, saying that they feel happier and more stable when working the hours they prefer or when working from home.

And that, in turn, has made them more productive and keeps them working for a company longer.

Higher Productivity

By working within the hours and spaces when and where they feel most productive and focused, employees have been able to work better and achieve more, even in shorter time frames than when going into the office.

Not adding commute times to their daily routines or having to get up earlier each day has also positively impacted their attitudes toward their job.

What Employers Should Be Doing

With the continuing studies and research on work flexibility and a clear intent from employees that remote working wants are here to stay, employers' major goal should be encouraging employee autonomy in the current business climate.

Creating flexible working environments and schedules fosters a sense of trust and respect between employers and employees and develops employees’ ownership and accountability in the workplace.

Plus, it is a benefit that keeps employees working for a company longer and recruits talented candidates that hiring managers want to see engaged in their business.

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