If you are short on time, employee experience matters because:

●        It keeps employees motivated to work in-person rather than remote.

●        It improves productivity.

●        It helps you get feedback.

●        It keeps your work environment positive.

Despite the confusing name, “employee experience” refers to an employee’s satisfaction with their work, colleagues, and workplace. Many people misconstrue the phrase to refer to an employee’s work history, but that actually isn’t the case.

Employee experience is crucial when running an upbeat and productive workforce and garnering team spirit. When done right, employee experience can significantly affect employee perception of work, general satisfaction, and overall well-being. Employees with a positive perception of work tend to be more productive and more likely to stay longer in a company.

Since the Pandemic, more and more employees are choosing to work from home and need more incentives to work outside their homes. The changing workforce demands their needs to be met more transparently and with greater fervor from their employers, and wants to build the workplace as a home away from home.

Ideas to Improve Your Employee's Experience

Looking for some creative ways to improve employee experience and company culture? The fact you are searching for solutions is a good sign! Keep going.

Develop a Workplace Culture & Design Accordingly

Work isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to doing your job. As a manager or higher-up, it is up to you to enable a workplace culture to thrive. Set your brand values into action compared to marketing copy on your blog, and allow your employees wings to soar.

Obviously, in real life, colleagues should meet and become friendly in more natural terms, but hosting events isn’t a bad idea, especially if you get lots of new employees. From the get-go, it is important to strike a balance between employee experience and employee productivity.

Ideally, employees should work smarter and not harder. Many studies tout the 6-hour workday as the way of the future for improving employee experience and productivity, but that just isn’t feasible in some businesses.

It is up to you, as a manager, to be creative when designing your workplace. If your employees aren’t very talkative with each other, create a more open space or more common areas. If your employees have to work in long cram sessions occasionally, try to cater food in during those days.

Look for Feedback

If you are looking to improve employee experience, the first thing you should do is ask for the opinion of your employees. As long as you come at this with a sincere and transparent approach, you’ll likely find ways to improve employee experience. Nothing is like information straight from the horse’s mouth.

In conjunction with directly asking employees, you should also use survey tools and performance management tools to gauge employee abilities. Employee experience differs from a case-by-case basis, so don’t instantly assume that employees are dissatisfied for the same reason.

Shifting one employee to a different division, time slot, route, etc. may be better for a whole team in the long run. Similarly, if a weak link continues to drag down a group, the rest of your employees may become dissatisfied and quit or reduce their hours while looking for alternative employment.

Create a Positive Work Environment

If you want your employees to be energetic and excited to get to work, keep your workplace environment positive and upbeat. Encourage collaboration, equity, accountability, trust, and safety as much as possible.

Those who have recently had a large turnaround in staff, should look for skills and attributes that reflect these attitudes from prospective employees.

Prioritize introducing these three things in your workplace:

●        Diversity

●        Flexibility

●        Inclusivity

By having a diverse and inclusive work environment, all employees are welcome to be themselves and address their opinion openly. Flexibility develops employee experience because it keeps employers more open to feedback and the workplace more dynamic.

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