Here’s the thing: There are no magical words you can say that will give you a job offer in an interview. But there are tried-and-tested things you should stick to and understand about a position that’ll likely lead to a job offer.

If you have gotten to the stage where you are offered an interview from anyone, even an introductory meeting with a hiring manager, it shows that you are at least, on paper, qualified for the position. Once you get to that interview, it’s time to buckle in your boots and get ready.

Here’s how to nail that interview and land your dream job.

Show You Are Engaged & Interested in the Position

You may be thinking to yourself, “I am applying for the job. Of course, I am interested in the position.” However, that doesn’t always show when you are in the interview.

While employers are looking for someone to fill the gap from an employee that quits or is fired, they are still looking for the right employee. After all, employers have to go through hundreds of applications, so smile, stay on topic, and keep asking appropriate questions.

You don’t have to be the most eloquent speaker or have the most detailed resume to succeed in an interview. Understand the position you are in as an interviewee and pay close attention to how questions are phrased.

Employers get that you’re nervous, but it is also uncomfortable for them to be in the position of power to employ strangers they’ll eventually work with on a daily basis. The best way to break this tension is to keep yourself motivated and active, but don’t be jumping up and down.

Display Company Knowledge

If you really want to show that you are ready to work for a company, try to understand their business, work, revenue structure, clients, etc., before applying. Employers don’t expect you to know everything, nor do they want you to bombard them with questions, but display company knowledge somehow in your interview answers.

Say things like, “I know you work with so and so,” or “I am familiar with this engineering or modeling program and know you guys use it too,” to implicitly show you’ve done your research.

Just don’t try to mimic the language from a job listing too much. Look at a company website and the professional social media profiles of company management and your interviewers to better grasp this idea.

Describe Your Worth the Right Way

Be informative, direct, and punchy when speaking about your experience. You want to show that you have unique skills but also match the tone and experience your interviewers are working for.

Don’t sell yourself short, but also give yourself room for growth. That growth should come while you are working for a company.

While not all positions fit this description, at the very least, follow the instructions from the first sentence if the position you are applying for has minimal growth opportunities.

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