If you’ve recently graduated with your degree in engineering, congratulations! You’ve chosen a rewarding career with serious growth potential in the coming years. Once you’ve made it through all of that pomp and circumstance, it’s time to start looking for a position where you can use your expertise to be part of an engineering team. But if you’ve ever found yourself nervous during an interview, you know that having the skills to do a great job isn’t always enough to get you through the front door.


At One Tech Engineering, we’re experts in helping connect Minnesota engineering professionals with companies that are a good fit for their unique contributions. Read on to learn some of our top interview dos and don’ts for recent engineering grads to help you connect with the best team.


Interview Dos:


1.      Prepare ahead of time.

Take a look at your resume and make sure you’re prepared to discuss previous jobs, roles, and projects in-depth. Take stock of your contributions and strengths, and be prepared to be honest about areas where growth is needed. It’s also a good idea to write down specifics like the number of employees on a team you worked with or the number of clients served.


2.      Research the company and job first.

One of the biggest mistakes candidates make during the interview process is not fully grasping the role they’d be hired to take on. Showing that you’ve looked into the company can help the recruiter to see that you’re invested in taking on the position. It also allows you to ask important questions.


3.      Dress the part. 

It’s a good idea to understand the culture and dress code of the company before you show up. Most college grads have been told to dress in business casual attire for the interview. However, some tech companies have more casual cultures and dress codes and may be hesitant to hire a recruit who seems too formal. Do your research.


Interview Don’ts:


1.      Don’t overstate your abilities.

Most companies will expect a new recruit to not have everything figured out. That’s all right because every job is a learning process and every engineering firm has its own unique culture. Be honest about what you’re capable of.


2.      Don’t worry if you have an awkward or bad answer.

If you flubbed an answer, don’t beat yourself up over it. What seemed like a big moment to you may have been barely noticeable to your recruiter. Focus on the overall quality of your interview and remember that if they don’t hire you, there’s probably a better fit right around the corner.


Engineering Recruiting Services for Recent College Graduates

You’ve spent years hitting the books and worked hard to get good at what you do. Now you only need to find a place to prove yourself and grow as an engineering professional. At One Tech Engineering, your professional success is our business.


Whether you’re a civil designer or a structural engineer, we can help connect you a team where you’ll be able to make a difference as an engineering professional. Find out more by speaking with our engineering recruiters at 952.884.9199, or contact us to discuss our hiring options.