If you’re an energy industry professional, you’re in one of the most exciting fields for the coming years. The energy sector is constantly changing in response to innovations in energy technology, and the need for energy is one that won’t wane in the future. As an energy engineering professional, you bring a unique set of skills and talents to the sector, which is why it’s important to connect you with the right engineering firm.


At One Tech Engineering in Minnesota, connecting engineering firms with high-quality engineering professionals is what we specialize in. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to some of the current top energy recruiting trends.


1.      Bringing in a New Generation of Workers

With the Baby Boomer population getting older and beginning to retire, many energy employers are starting to look for new talent. They’re also interested in the innovative points of view Millennial employees can bring to the table. To accomplish this, energy companies are offering better benefits packages to tempt young workers. If you’re a young engineering professional with an energy focus, it’s a great time to get in on this hiring trend.


2.      Technology-Minded Hiring

Another reason for hiring younger workers is that many of these energy engineering professionals are digital natives. With the rapid changes facing the energy sector, engineering firms are looking for more technology-minded employees. Tech-savvy employees not only understand existing technologies but are also able to adapt more easily to future changes yet to come. With an increase in automation on the horizon, tech in energy isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon.


3.      Increase in Overall Hiring

Demand for energy is higher than ever before, and the increase in demand means a need for increased hiring overall. That means not only bringing in new recruits but also returning previously laid-off workers to the workforce. The overall increase in hiring means that workers of all skill levels and specializations are needed for the foreseeable future.


4.      Innovation and Flexibility to Meet Policy Changes

With global climate change concerns on the rise, legislative policy is rapidly changing to help mitigate those concerns. That means employers are on the lookout for flexible, innovative hires who can find ways to maximize profits while meeting those requirements.


Minnesota Energy Engineering Recruiting Services

If you’re an engineering professional in the energy sector, you want a place where you can use your individual skills and abilities to contribute to something important. At One Tech, we work hard to make sure engineering professionals are placed with companies well-suited to maximize the use of their abilities.


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