If you’re working in renewable energy, you’ve got a bright future ahead of you. With traditional energy supplies waning and more attention than ever before on the ecological impact of humanity, renewable energy continues to grow.


At One Tech Engineering in Minnesota, we work with engineering professionals in some of the most rapidly growing renewable energy fields. Read on to learn why renewable energy careers are in demand.


1.      There’s a Growing Need for Renewable Energy.

The world is consuming fossil fuels at an alarming rate, but these resources will eventually become completely depleted. Many organizations are also examining their impact on the environment in terms of pollution and waste. The need for renewable energy increases dramatically each year.


2.      Government Funding for Renewable Energy is on the Rise.

Federal funding for clean energy projects has continued to expand over the past decade. With government subsidies, grants, loans, and other financial resources available for clean energy products, many businesses are taking advantage and expanding their green initiatives.


3.      The Renewable Energy Market is Huge.

For STEM-minded professionals with an eye toward the green energy sector, the opportunities are vast. Solar manufacturing, energy storage, wind power development, advanced vehicles, green building design, smart grid technology, and sustainable bioenergy are just a few of the many careers in renewable energy. With technology changing constantly, the career opportunities are only expected to increase.


4.      Technology Costs Continue to Drop.

In the past, interest in renewable energy sources was hampered by high technology costs. But as innovations in technology continue to improve, we’re seeing significantly lower costs of renewable energy production across the board. This is making renewable energy a safer bet, and businesses are taking note and cashing in.


5.      Policies Supporting Renewable Energy are Expanding.

As global concerns about climate change and pollution continue to increase, government policy reflects the growing concern. Each year, more policies are enacted that support renewable energy. In turn, companies are getting on board with these changes to keep pace.


6.      Consumers Want Green Energy.

With Millennials taking over the workforce, consumer interest in green energy options continues to gain ground. More consumers than ever are expressing their purchase power through renewable energy options.


Renewable Energy Engineering Recruiting Services

If you’re on track for a renewable energy career, you’ve got a bright future ahead of you. At One Tech, we love placing renewable energy professionals in rewarding careers where they can be part of shaping tomorrow.


Whether you’re a project manager with experience in sustainable building construction or a civil designer with a renewable energy background, we can help. Learn more by connecting with our engineering recruiters at 952.884.9199, or contact us to find out more.