Nothing is worse than taking the time to research a company, crafting a well-thought-out cover letter and resume, going through multiple rounds of interviews, then getting a job offer only to have that offer taken back.

While you may think it is rare for your job offer to be rescinded, it actually happens pretty frequently, much to the chagrin of applicants in this challenging employment market.

Are you unsure what to do after your job offer was taken back? Look to this short blog article for advice from One Tech Staffing, a premiere engineering staffing and recruiting based out of White Bear Lake, MN, for advice on the next steps you can take.

Why People’s Job Offers Become Rescinded

Unfortunately, once a job offer is rescinded, it is generally out of your control to do anything. Your ability to receive another job offer depends on the reason your job offer was taken back.

Here are some of the most common reasons people’s job offers were rescinded and if it is wise to apply to the same company again:

●        You took too long to respond: Job offers typically have set deadlines, generally one week—but sometimes longer for technical positions or roles in newly formed departments. If you wait past the deadline, it is almost always off the table.

●        Your background check didn’t clear: If you have a criminal record or don’t meet the educational requirements for a position, be transparent. Your job will likely be taken away if you aren’t forthright about your background.

●        There is a last-minute argument from your potential employers: In some situations, you may be called in for a final interview after you get a job offer, so your potential employers can learn more about your background. If you don’t meld with one of the interviewers, your job offer can be rescinded for whatever reason.

When is it Illegal to Rescind a Job Offer

In the United States and most other westernized countries, the only way for your job offer not to be rescinded is if you sue for discrimination. Aside from that, unless you already accept the offer, your job offer's status is at your potential employer's discretion. While it isn’t common practice to rescind a job offer without a good reason, it isn’t illegal in most scenarios.

Although there isn’t much you can do to get your offer back, there are a few steps you can take afterward to help prevent it from happening in the future.

The Steps You Can Take After Your Job Offer Was Rescinded

Ask Why It Was Taken Back

Speaking honestly, you’ll only learn why your job offer was taken back by asking. If you put the time in to go through enough interviews to get a job offer, your employers will likely respect you enough to answer concretely. Don’t worry too much about asking because this is standard practice.

Ask About Other Open Positions

As long as you didn’t create a big blunder or scene when being told your offer was taken back, feel free to apply to other open positions. The hiring managers and employers already know who you are, so if you got along well and they were impressed by your credentials, it doesn’t hurt to try again.

Go to a Recruiting and Staffing Company

Getting a second opinion about your credentials, application, and cover letter is always important, especially one specializing in the hiring process. Recruiting and staffing firms will prepare you for interviews, help you prep your resume, give you information about open positions and job fairs, and connect you with employers.

If that sounds helpful to you, contact One Tech Staffing. We’ve connected thousands of entry-level and experienced employees with businesses in utility service, medical device manufacturing, construction, biomedical engineering, and more. Trust us to find you the right position to fit your career goals.