The first thing an applicant does when applying for a job, even before looking up the company, is reviewing the job requirements and asking themselves, “Am I qualified for this position?”

Given that job requirements are one of the main red flags of job posts, you shouldn’t overlook them in your listings if you are an employer. Striking a balance between experience and pay is difficult, not to mention the workplace is constantly changing and becoming more competitive, so you should look at your job requirements.

Whether you are an employer hoping to find the right employee with technical know-how and drive or an applicant on the market for your new dream job, job requirements will likely make or break you.

What’s the Importance of Job Requirements?

Job requirements are the base information an applicant needs to decide whether they are a good fit for a position. The best way of thinking of job requirements is as criteria, which gauge how qualified a candidate is for a position.

While job requirements aren't the end all be all of acquiring a job, unqualified candidates are often rooted out because of them.

Setting and Renewing Your Expectations

Whether you’re a job seeker, employee, or an employer, take some time to set and renew your job expectations.

As an Applicant

What are you looking for in a job?

You need to ask yourself this question when searching for jobs. Whether it's flexible work hours, premium health care, employer-matched 401k, or a workplace that appreciates employee experience, apply for jobs that meet your needs.

However, you should be realistic about your standards. If you don't have the experience to meet the requirements, it may not be worth it to apply. Look at your career goals, and see if this new position will lead you there. Re-evaluate your goals frequently, and don't be afraid to take new opportunities outside your wheelhouse.

As an Employer

Updating your job descriptions is extremely important, especially if you have a continuously open position with changing expectations over a few years.

Whether that is requiring applicants to know a specific coding language or program, or expecting them to have more client acquisition experience, employers need to be clear, so they don't waste their time, nor that of the applicants.

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