We probably don't need to be the ones to tell you this, but looking for jobs is stressful and eats at your confidence over time, especially if you put in the effort to apply to jobs the right way. Everyone dreads waking up in the morning, just to see an empty email mailbox or one with rejection emails.

While there isn't any magical cure to getting over application rejections, there are plenty of ways to get over the hump and build confidence during your job search. Our experienced recruiters at One Tech Staffing in Minnesota have compiled some of the most effective ways we've helped people build confidence during the job search.

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Networking Is Key

Don't think that all the time you spent applying for jobs is for nothing. Throughout this time, you've gotten into contact with plenty of recruiters and industry experts, and you can leverage these relationships in the future.

Whether that's through temp work, a contract position, freelancing, consulting, or sharing info, make best use of these connections. Reach out to these contacts through LinkedIn or with an email, asking for advice on your job search and to learn why you were rejected for the position. The answer may surprise you.

The only way to gain confidence is to break out of your shell and improve on your strengths, so looking to people who know your professional background is valuable.

Drive Interactions on Your Own

When you were a kid, how did you build the confidence to do new things? Through doing something new and reaching out.

The answer then is pretty similar to what you have to do now, huh?

To stay competitive when searching for new jobs, you have to be proactive and apply and search for openings on your own. In the digital age, where people can apply to jobs from 1000s of miles away, it is up to you to find and create new opportunities.

Whether that is through cold calling companies to see if they have openings or to sell them on your skills or through messaging new people on LinkedIn, you must take the initiative.

This may be a hard thing to take in if you feel your confidence has dropped from job rejections, but you need to switch up your strategy to stand out to hiring managers.

Look to One Tech Staffing for Assistance

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Let us know your background and we'll work with you until you find your dream job. Be that helping you with qualifying references or planning for and scheduling interviews, we'll be with you throughout the whole hiring process.

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