In this competitive job market, it can be difficult to find good job opportunities or to stand out among the competition when you do. The best engineering and technical professionals take advantage of the available tools to optimize their job search.

At One Tech Engineering in Minnesota, we specialize in technical recruiting services. In this post, we’re sharing our top job hunting tips and tricks to help you transition to your dream job. Check out these tips and then call to connect with our engineering and technical recruiters today!

1.   Build Your Resume on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to site for many engineering and technical recruiters, and you’re probably already using it to maintain important professional connections. But did you know LinkedIn offers a resume builder to create and update your resume quickly? Simply export your LinkedIn resume and you’re good to go.

2.   Grow Your Connections on LinkedIn Groups

Once again, LinkedIn shines as a professional tool. Look up professional connections you’d like to make on LinkedIn. If they participate in any LinkedIn groups you’re interested in, join them. After joining this group, look for opportunities to build the connection while maintaining professional boundaries.

3.   Add a Unique LinkedIn URL to Your Resume

While LinkedIn automatically assigns you a URL, you can customize this so it includes your name and professional role. Simply click on “edit profile” to edit your URL. Adding this keyword can make it easier for technical recruiters to find you when they’re searching for candidates. At the same time, placing it on your resume encourages hiring managers to learn more about your skills.

4.   Track Listings on Social Media

More technical recruiters are hiring through social media than ever before, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity. Create a search list that includes hiring managers, job search sites, and company hiring information so you can search social media sites daily for can’t-miss opportunities. At the same time, be sure to curate your social media presence so it will make the right impression if recruiters look you up online, and they will.

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