Quick tips for job hunters who are short on time:

●        Prioritize developing in-person relationships.

●        Don’t waste employers’ time with superfluous information.

●        Apply to jobs as early as possible.

●        Jot notes and interview questions down while writing your cover letter.

Everyone finds job hunting stressful, and there isn’t any magical way to make you less anxious. That said, if you stay authentic and realistic, you’ll likely cinch any interview you get.

If you have trouble getting response emails, dealing with interviews, or communicating in this digital environment, follow these tips from the professional recruiters at One Tech Staffing.

Networking 101

It is impossible to put a price tag on a connection. Whether it leads to a job, a reference, or a lead, you need to keep your contacts in order. While there may only be so much time in the day, explore all possibilities if you are looking for a new job.

Despite the convenience of meeting and chatting with someone online, you should prioritize developing in-person relationships. Especially during this post-Pandemic period, where many people are still a bit shell-shocked from staying indoors too long,

Also, look to staffing agencies, recruiters, and job fairs to make new connections. Staffing agencies and recruiters will get to know you and your experience, quirks, habits, and interests much easier in-person, especially if you are looking to work locally.

Use Online Job Boards the Right Way

There are a sea of different job opportunities online thanks to advancements in digital technology, but that doesn’t matter much if you are applying to the wrong jobs.

The three things you need to do to use job boards the right way are:

●        Utilize built-in resume tools to optimize search algorithms, which match you with an appropriate position. 

●        Create a killer bio that represents your authentic personality.

●        Be proactive in applying. Start each day applying for at least three jobs. Hiring managers typically look at the people who apply the earliest first.

Obviously, you want to get the best position possible and earn a sizable income, but that can only come with experience. Not to say you should sell yourself short, but try to be realistic and wait for the opportunity to strike.

Hone your skills in whatever field you are in to spruce up your resume while waiting, and don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional for advice.

Design Your Cover Letter & Portfolio for the Position You’re Applying For

One of the greatest mistakes people make with their cover letters is that they include too much information. You have to keep in mind that hundreds of people apply for most open positions, so try to make your cover letter a maximum of one page.

Additionally, it is crucial to keep your options open if you are just starting out on your job search, especially during these turbulent economic times. Developing multiple cover letters and specializing in separate portfolios will likely help you stand out from the crowd.

Always research a company thoroughly online so you reflect their values, but also, at the same time, it is vital to stay true to yourself. You waste your time and their time if you lie on your cover letter, and you’ll be ill-suited to handle interview questions if you lie.

If you really want to stand out during your next interview, jot some notes down while writing your cover letter, and form questions to ask. After all, people who take a conservative and information-centric approach to cover letter writing are more focused and organized during interviews.

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