The impact of modern technology on the workforce is an ever-changing landscape. But did you know that how your organization makes use of the latest technology could be impacting your ability to attract the best employees in your field?  Once seen as merely a tool of the job, technology today directly impacts the amount of time it takes to get the job done effectively.

When employees are forced to choose between two competing options, today’s workers are drawn to the environment that offers technology to help them succeed. Younger generations of workers are used to working with advanced technology at home, and they expect nothing less in the workplace. In this post from our One Tech engineering recruiters, we’ll talk about the changing role of technology in attracting the best workforce.

Technology and the Changing Workforce

Within the next decade, the American workforce will primarily be Millennials and Generation Z. In decades past, the goal of most American workers was to find a good firm to live out your days and eventually retire from.

But today’s younger workforce is accustomed to changing jobs every few years as part of their growth process in their field. Moving from one firm to another benefits employees by allowing them opportunities to increase their skills and learn from different projects and cultures.

A changing workforce can also be good for a firm, bringing in fresh perspectives that support the company’s evolution. Younger generations are also tech-savvy and prefer a more flexible, tech-informed work schedule.

A Tech-Friendly Workforce

While worker flexibility and the demand for technology continue to change in the coming years, so too will the demand for highly skilled workers with strong tech knowledge. More companies will continue to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and automation. Employment experts also predict that the demand for manual and administrative employees will continue to decline in the coming years.

Here are a few ways your organization can reach out to a more tech-friendly workforce:

1.      Continue to upskill your teams.

2.      Understand the role of technology in your organization’s vision and communicate this with job-seekers during the hiring process.

3.      Be open to a less traditional, more diverse skill set when hiring.

4.      Focus on customer service during the hiring process.

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