“Tell me about yourself.”

We’ve all heard those four cringe-inducing words while sitting in the hot seat of a job interview. Experiencing the job interview process is one of those rites of passage that everyone endures when they first enter the workforce and will typically go through again and again. From nervously waiting to be called back to answering awkward questions that don’t always fully convey what you’re capable of, the interview process is a time-honored tradition.

But over the past few years, recruiters are catching on that there are better ways to gauge a candidate’s fitness for a position. In this post from our engineering and technical recruiters at One Tech Engineering, we’ll help you prepare for the changing job interview climate. Give us a call to connect with great companies where you can grow in your field.

Remote Interviews

One of the biggest changes to hit job recruiting is the shift to video conferencing and remote interviews. Once practiced mainly by larger organizations, remote interviews are becoming more common among companies of all sizes. Some of the more popular applications for video interviews include Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom.

With the social distancing of the past few months, hiring managers have high expectations for recruiters during remote interviews. And there’s a good reason for this. In many fields, new employees will need to heavily use remote video applications to communicate with customers, collaborate with teams, and meet with other employees.

From Interview to Audition

If you haven’t been through the remote interview process or used these common applications, take some time to become familiar with them. You don’t want to wait until just before your first remote interview to realize you’re having trouble using these technologies. Interviewing remotely can be a different experience than interviewing in person, so it’s good to become familiar with the experience and practice if possible.

Here are a few things to consider when preparing for your remote interview:

●        Make sure your connectivity is reliable and consistent.

●        Consider lighting beforehand and make sure your backdrop is well-staged.

●        Check audio quality and ambient background noise.

●        Adjust your camera for the best video angle.

Skill Testing

In addition to remote interviewing, employers are incorporating other strategies. Rather than rely on your resume to tell the whole story, more recruiters are beginning to integrate testing in the hiring process. Unlike the simple typing or computer proficiency tests of the past, today’s skill tests are much more comprehensive. Many employers are also asking for examples of past projects to demonstrate an employee’s abilities.

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