In years past, job-hopping was universally frowned upon. But Millennials and Generation X tend to see job-hopping differently than their Baby Boomer counterparts, perhaps in part due to the changing landscape of the workforce. Historically, it was more common to search for one job to spend your days working until retirement, but these days, there are fewer opportunities for long-term growth. All of this amounts to a lengthy resume for many young professionals working in the engineering and technical fields.

The engineering recruiters at One Tech Engineering work with Twin Cities-area professionals to help connect them to employment opportunities that are a good fit for long-term growth. In this blog entry, we’ll discuss when job-hopping can help your career, when it can hurt, and how you can address past job-hopping on your resume and in interviews.

From Pension to Networking Opportunities

In the middle of the 20th century, the American dream was pretty straightforward: go to college, learn a profession, and take a job with a firm where you could eventually retire. But the changing economy has impacted many industries in the new century, with countless Americans losing their jobs during the layoffs of the Great Recession. In some cases, workers lost their jobs with more than a decade of experience with a company.

In this new climate, younger workers are adapting by transitioning from one job to another as opportunities emerge rather than sticking with a company despite a lack of opportunities. In turn, engineering recruiters and human resources managers have begun to see job-hopping as an opportunity to build skills and network within a field.

When job-hopping is Beneficial or Career-Damaging

The average length of time at the same employer typically varies according to your age group, and recruiters in highly competitive industries tend to take this into consideration. They’re also aware that high-value employees are often poached.

With all of this in mind, most employers are now aware that a certain degree of job-hopping can provide employees with opportunities to build skills with each new opportunity. For example, an employee may become more adaptable to technology after working in several different positions, which is a must when technology is constantly changing in their field.

To decide if job-hopping is worth the risk, employers usually ask the following questions:

●        Is the employee simply jumping ship for a higher salary when the opportunity arises?

●        Is the employee making lateral moves or increasing their skills and responsibilities?

●        Was the job change a better fit for the employee? 

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When you’re on the job search, it’s important that potential employers understand your ability to offer unique contributions to their team. But that can be difficult to get across when your resume has many entries in a short time. That’s where professional engineering recruiting services can be a game-changer.

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