Technology is constantly changing in the Digital Age, and each new innovation brings its own unique changes to industry practices within many modern professional fields. For employees working in this field, existing skill requirements will be replaced with new ones. To remain competitive in your field, it’s important to develop new skills if you plan to stay at the top of your field, especially if you work in engineering or the technical industry.

At One Tech Engineering, our engineering recruiters work with Twin Cities professionals to match them to the best organizational fit for their unique contributions to the field. We’ll connect your skills to an organization where you can grow professionally alongside a great team. In this article, we’ll talk about the skills you’ll want to continue to hone to stay competitive in the Digital Age.

Changing Skill Requirements

Although many positions require a higher education, it’s not unexpected to find that the work you do within your field completely diverges from what you learned in college. This will continue to be more true for younger generations, where skill requirements continue to change alongside technology updates. For most workers, additional learning will be required as they continue to work within their field. As an engineering or technical employee, it can be difficult to know which skills you should focus on growing.

Experts have identified three skill sets that will help professionals stay ahead of the curve. To retain the advantage in your field, it’s a good idea to improve in one or more of these areas.

1.      Soft Skills - If you’re worried about AI or automation taking over your job, it’s important to remember that there are some things that can’t be replicated with technology. That includes the ability to think on your feet, engage socially, and offer creative and innovative solutions through collaborative work. These types of skills are known as “soft skills,” and they give employees a distinct advantage in the Digital Age.

2.      Business Skills - The ability to communicate well, create digital designs, and oversee project management will remain crucial in the coming years. This skill set is what connects technology to practical business applications.

3.      Digital Skills - Digital skills like machine learning, computational thinking, and data science will remain key to a wide range of vocational disciplines from technical fields and beyond. The demand for analytics, digital project management, and digital leadership will give anyone with those skills a distinct advantage in the future.

Growing Your Skills

If you’re looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve in your field, begin by conducting a personal skillset audit. Assess your skills in areas like project management, data analysis, public speaking, and other relevant areas. If you determine an area needs work, consider taking a course to work on those skills. This can add up to a higher salary and more job opportunities when combined with your existing skills. Be sure to update your resume to reflect your professional skills and experience.

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