With a worker shortage still going strong, now is a great time to make a change and take advantage of the many opportunities available out there. But it’s not as easy as just going out and getting the job you want. Before you get hired, you’ve got to get through the hurdle of the interview process. And even if you’ve studied for your interview and you’re ready to answer anything, there’s one part of the interview process that stumps even the best candidates. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered in this post from One Tech Engineering.

Next time you’re sitting in the interview hot seat and you’re asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” you’ll be ready. Check out this list of impressive interview questions and be ready to dazzle your interviewer and get some important information about the job you’re considering.

1.    Can you tell me what you like about working for this company?

What you may be really wondering is what some of the downsides are of working for the company, but you can’t just come right out and ask it point-blank. But if you’re interviewing for a toxic workplace, finding out before you take the job is way better than learning that information the hard way a year from now. A better way to get a sense of what working for the company is like is to gauge your interviewer’s response to the above question. If it looks like she is struggling to come up with an answer, proceed with caution.

2.    What does a typical day in this position look like?

What you don’t want to do is to get hired into a position and learn that it’s nothing like you expected it to be or that there is no clearly defined set of duties. When you ask this question, your interviewer should ideally give you a concrete list of information about what you can expect to be doing in this role. If her answer is vague or she suggests that the role may look different from day to day, try asking some follow-up questions to gain some clarification.

3.    What are some of the biggest challenges that come with this position?

No matter where you work or what role you’re in, there are always challenges that aren’t included on the price tag when you’re checking out a job. Asking this question can get you closer to a sense of what those challenges entail from budget constraints to office politics to company culture issues.

4.    What is the company culture like?

Workplace culture can play a significant role in an employee’s long-term success in a position. And just because a company’s culture isn’t right for one worker doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect fit for someone else. Think of company culture as the personality of an organization. This can include a wide range of facets including but not limited to how casual or professional an environment is, work-life balance, employee attitudes, and management style. 

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