Some people are simply naturals when it comes to temping. It's always exciting to slide into another position with brand new challenges -- and to know that there are new experiences just across the horizon. But there are some other advantages to working as a temp as well, some of which may not be immediately obvious.

Experience: Testing Out Fields of Focus Within an Industry

Temping is a fantastic way to determine whether a specific field in an industry is the right one for you. Accountants may temp to decide whether they want to focus in tax law or in estate planning, while IT-focused employees may temp to determine whether they're more a network engineer or a systems administrator. Being able to narrow down your focus will help you kick start your career, especially in areas such as engineering, where each discipline can have a vastly different day-to-day atmosphere. 

Networking: Meeting New People In Your Chosen Field

Networking can be a challenge, whether you're just starting out in your career or transitioning to a different one entirely. Networking via temping gives you an opportunity to show those within your chosen field how dedicated you are to your work and that you have the skills to back your experience up. 

Flexibility: Being Able to Quickly Change Your Situation

Are you thinking about moving soon? Going back to school? Having another child? Temping offers you flexibility that a long-term, full-time position simply cannot, while still allowing you to make forward progress within your career. Through temping you can still establish a connection within your industry while developing skills that will benefit you throughout your working career, even if your personal situation may be changing soon. 

Earning: Leveraging Higher Per Hour Rates

Many temps make more money per hour than they would otherwise -- after all, they need to go through training and may spend some time between jobs. This can be a great opportunity for those who need part-time work, such as college students. By using a recruiter, temps can even sure that they never go without work, and that they always have another job lined up, for more consistent income. 

There are many reasons why temping can be beneficial for those who are in unique situations or who are simply eager to learn. Apart from the above, temping offers the conventional benefits, such as the ability to hopefully transition into a permanent position even with little experience. For more information about the benefits of temping (and utilizing recruiters), contact OneTech today.