Having an accomplished human resources department doesn't mean that your business can't benefit from the services of a staffing agency. Human resources departments need to deal with many issues over the course of the day; by engaging a staffing agency, you can make it easier for your human resources department to operate effectively.

Simplifying Payroll and Benefits

Through a staffing company you can lease employees and hire temporary contractors, vastly simplifying the payroll process. Apart from tracking benefits such as paid time off, a staffing company will ensure that your payroll taxes are paid appropriately and that all checks and direct deposits go out on time. Merely creating a direct deposit payment system or manually cutting checks can be a time consuming process for a company's human resources department -- and it pulls them away from more important tasks.

Hiring and Firing of Employees

Hiring an employee takes a long time. Not only can staffing agencies take on the hiring responsibilities for an organization, but they have the expertise and the experience to identify employees that will be a good fit. Likewise, when it comes to employees managed by the staffing agency, the staffing agency can take care of the often complicated process of firing. Once a staffing agency has taken on the hiring and firing, the human resource department can focus instead on resource management. 

Legal Issues and Liability Concerns

When you hire through a staffing agency, they handle the liability concerns related to hiring, firing, and other elements under their direct control. While they cannot control the environment of your business, they can make sure that the management, hiring, and firing are handled correctly. This can be incredibly important for organizations that have smaller HR departments and may not be able to follow all issues of legal compliance. 

Staffing agencies can have as much involvement or as little involvement as your company desires. If you simply want to have your staffing agency handle your temporary employees, you can -- and if you want to have your staffing agency handle everything, they can do so easily. By freeing up your human resources department, you can focus them on more important things, such as motivating the staff and developing the company culture. To learn more about staffing agencies and their benefits, contact OneTech today.