Targeted Recruiting

It can be difficult to find the right talent when you have the wrong kind of recruitment pool. If you have faced struggles in the past with recruitment pools that are too random or not dependable enough for an efficient hiring process, One Tech has the ideal solution for you: Our recruiters are experienced in understanding exactly what job positions require and who can fulfill your needs. Since job seekers are vetted by our own team, our recruitment pool is accurate and easy to search. Don't waste time with unqualified hires again – try out our job search functions. If you have even more particular requirements for the position, then give us a call and explain your situation: We'll be happy to target recruiting specifically for your needs!


Hard-to-Find Talent

Many popular job boards – some that you may have already tried – are handy for entry-level positions and wide-cast nets for simple positions. However, One Tech specializes in providing recruitment services for hard-to-find positions focused on technical experience and qualification. If you are looking for engineers, we can offer qualified candidates specializing in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and similar fields. If you want a specific focus in design, we can show you drafters and technicians with just the skills that you're looking for. If you work in construction services, we can recommend land surveyors, project managers and other skilled workers. Get your technical positions filled with people confirmed to have the necessary experience!


Short-Term Solutions

Perhaps you're not looking for a long-term employee. Maybe you need technical assistance in a field for a single project – or maybe you need someone with the right certifications to fill a post at an interim level while you search for the perfect fit. That's one One Tech offers a number of contract positions for short-term projects and flexible planning.


Long-Term Recruitment

If you are searching for a long-term candidate, possible to fill a new position or to be a part of your team for the foreseeable future, One Tech also offers long-term hiring services to fill permanent seats. We can help you find employees who are interested in investing in your company in a serious way.


Hybrid Employment Options

What if you aren't sure what kind of employee you want right now? Maybe you need to work with someone for a while to know if they will really fit your company, or maybe you need the help but are analyzing what sort of position will work in the future. This is why One Tech provides contract to direct options, where you can hire employees on a short-term basis to see how they perform before moving to a more traditional hiring arrangement.