There are multiple advantages to signing up with One Tech Engineering to find your next job. Not only do we specialize in easy-to-use job search and profile services, but we also have competent benefits packages for our candidates, and a variety of helpful blog suggestions on how to navigate today's technical hiring world.

Advantages to becoming a One Tech candidate include:

 Helpful Benefits

One of the unique benefits that sets One Tech apart from any traditional job board…is the benefit package that we offer. At One Tech, we provide candidates with competitive employee benefits that include important staples such as life and disability insurance, contributions to medical and dental insurance, paid holidays, vacation time, and even matching 401(k) contributions. We also offer more fun-focused benefits like local game tickets and more! How can One Tech provide all these benefits? Our vetting process and in-depth relationships with employers allow us to offer services like no one else!



Along with our benefits package, One Tech will give you something else that you can't find on the average job board – our respect. As one of our candidates, you're not just a number on the page: You are a skilled worker or technician who has been invited to join our pool of the best qualified job seekers. This is why we work to provide the best benefits, the latest job tools, and the most up-to-date employment and industry information to help you out. Learn what it feels like to be a valued person and resource!


Multiple Employment Options

What sort of employment works best for you at this stage of your career? One Tech offers employment options for everyone. If you are interested in short-term contract work that focuses more on particular projects, then we can connect with employers primarily interested in contract work. If you are looking for a permanent position at a high-quality company, we can link you with the right contacts and positions. If you aren't sure and would prefer to test the waters, we also provide contract to direct positions where you start with a contract position and an opportunity to eventually move on in the company.


STEM-Friendly Focus

Our job board focuses on providing recruitment and job-finding services primarily for STEM-related jobs, especially when it comes to engineering disciplines. If you've ever tried a more general job board, you know how difficult it can be to find the right types of employers who understand the skills your offer and know exactly what kind of positions they are trying to fill. Because our expertise includes multiple types of engineering, drafting, surveying and similar jobs, finding the right fit will be faster and smoother for everyone involved.


Easy Sign-Up

What do you have to do to become a candidate? The first step is easy – just submit your resume and interests, and we will contact you with the necessary information!