If you’re in need of technical staffing, you want to make sure you hire the best. Training can be a difficult and lengthy process, and turnover is expensive. At OneTech Engineering in Minneapolis, we are an engineering recruiting firm that specializes in matching quality technical and engineering employees with companies where they will thrive as assets. We’ve put together this helpful guide to explain how you can use OneTech to find permanent hires.


Engineering Staffing Minnesota

OneTech Engineering specializes in engineering recruiting services and other technical fields. Our recruits include engineers in all fields, including project engineers, mechanical engineers, applications engineers, civil engineers, hardware engineers, structural engineers, and controls engineers. We also recruit engineering managers. We work in all engineering fields, so if you are in need of a different engineering staffing solution, we can help with that, too.


Technical Recruiting Services

In addition to engineering recruiting services, we also recruit technical designers. Whether you are in need of technicians, mechanical designers, electrical technicians, civil and structural designers, or drafters, we’ve got the best employees in the field. Or if construction services are your area of need, we can connect you with project managers, land surveyors, site superintendents, project scheduling experts, and project control. Skip the risk and expense of the hiring process and go straight for our highly vetted candidates.


Find the Best Candidates in Your Field

We offer several recruiting options to help you with the hiring process. Our job board connects employees with a highly qualified pool of applicants. Submit your job posting to our board to reach the best technical and engineering workers in the field. We also offer targeted recruiting to help our clients find the top technical talent. This saves you the expense of searching for the right people.


We offer three hiring options:

●        Contract

●        Contract-to-direct hiring

●        Direct hiring


Reduce Risk and Expense

With targeted recruiting, you don’t have to worry about reaching people outside of your expected qualifications. Our experts are highly specialized in their chosen fields. We help you find the right people to fill key positions based on our experience as experts in technical and engineering fields. Our long-term contracts include benefits packages as part of the hiring process, which helps you simplify your payroll while you learn if an employee is a great fit for your organization. Best of all, you get to enjoy a trial period rather than rushing into a long-term hiring decision based on limited knowledge from the hiring process.


Minnesota Engineering Recruiters

If you’re ready to move beyond the standard to the spectacular, that’s what we do here at OneTech Engineering. Our benefits packages and long-term security help our employees focus on bringing their “A” game to the job. If you’re ready for staffing flexibility, reduced tax liability, and lower overhead all while finding the best permanent hires in the business, we can help. Call our engineering and recruiting experts at 952.884.9199, or contact us to learn more about how our recruiting services can benefit your organization.