Baby Boomers are one of the greatest generations in history for a number of reasons. They forged a new path of innovation at a crucial point in human history and they were the innovators who powered the beginnings of the Digital Age. While many Boomers in the technology and engineering fields are beginning to near retirement age, more than ever before still want to share their talents and contributions.

Our engineering recruiters at One Tech Engineering help connect quality candidates with the best engineering and technology firms. We love helping Boomers connect with firms where their contributions and experience are fully appreciated. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the career outlook for Boomers in the next decade and why the future has never looked so bright.

Embracing the Next Stage of Your Life

The job outlook for Boomers in the next decade includes changes. As many tech and engineering firms begin restructuring their human resources policies, we’ll see an increase in companies offering early retirement packages. In many cases, their goal is to get Boomers to leave before they’re eligible to collect their full pension. However, if the retirement package is enticing, more Boomers may be choosing to take advantage of the chance for a move.

Embracing Greater Flexibility

In the past, retirement benefits were a primary draw for employees. But in many ways, they could also be a tether that kept employees from pursuing more flexibility in their opportunities.

In the Digital Age, the economy and technological innovations have continued to shift and change like no other time in history. Many companies are offering more flexible positions including shorter workweeks and remote working arrangements. For Boomers who can easily adapt, these arrangements can mean personal freedom without sacrificing their ability to contribute to their field.

To thrive in this new environment, emphasize soft skills like these:

●        Innovation and creativity in problem-solving

●        Ability to forge strong interpersonal relationships across generations and disciplines

●        Ability to influence others

●        Complex critical thinking

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In an era where the world seems obsessed with what’s new, more employers are realizing that Boomers can help form an important bridge between experience and innovation.

If you’re a Boomer who isn’t quite ready for retirement, it’s time to embrace the next stage of your life and contribute to a team where your wealth of knowledge will be appreciated. Our recruiters at One Tech Engineering in Minnesota are more than happy to help you make that next step in your professional journey.

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