For employers working in engineering and technology, it can be difficult to find the right people for the right job. If you don’t look forward to the job interview process, you’re not alone. Even when you’re thorough during the interview process and you think you’ve found a good match, everything you know about a candidate is superficial at best. You can ask all the right questions and hire someone with the best skills on paper, but it’s difficult to know how that will translate into practice.

At One Tech Engineering, our engineering recruiters specialize in matching employees with firms where they can thrive. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can use the principle of gamification to find the right employees for yours.

The Challenge of the Traditional Interview

The traditional interview process serves some companies well. But for others, this process can be fundamentally flawed. Many otherwise excellent candidates can find facing a hiring manager intimidating, which can cause them to come across as less than stellar. And many of the questions in hiring aren’t necessarily the most relevant to the position.

For example, a candidate’s future plans may help give you insight into how well they’ll thrive in the job, but it overlooks the fact that plans and lifestyles can change. What it doesn’t do is give you much insight into how well they’ll perform in the long run.

Show, Don’t Tell

If you’re interested in moving from the traditional interview process to one that gives you a better sense of a candidate’s talent, one way to do so is through gamification. With a gamification approach, hiring managers create a game designed to help them find out who is the best fit for the job and their firm.

Employers across the globe are embracing gamification for a wide range of applications from recruitment to training. The gamification strategy gives candidates a chance to demonstrate their abilities through engaging activities. Most companies either use a pre-designed template or their own original game.

Here are a few examples of gamification strategies used in recruitment games:

●        Industry-related tasks

●        Company-focused challenges

●        Behavioral challenges

●        Soft skills measures

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Hiring the best people for the job can represent a formidable challenge. But with a thorough recruitment game, your firm can have the edge in finding the best talent for engineering jobs, mechanical designer jobs, and more.

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