As an engineering industry professional, you love what you do and you know you’re good at it. But helping engineering firms understand your value can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the job search. One of the great challenges of looking for engineering work is holding on for the right opportunity rather than getting stuck in a situation that doesn’t let you grow professionally.

Understanding how to adapt when career setbacks take place can mean the difference between having the professional edge or getting stuck in the career doldrums. At One Tech Engineering, our engineering recruiters specialize in connecting the best engineers with the right opportunities. Follow this advice to make the most of unexpected job setbacks and get more out of your job search.

1.   Don’t Take Rejection Too Personally.

Every once in awhile, you’ll come across a job that seems too good to be true or feels like it’s exactly where you need to be. It’s completely understandable that you would get your heart set on working there. If you’ve had a positive interview process, you may even feel personally attached to any staff you’ve interviewed with or met during the experience.

When you get the call that the company chose someone else for the job, it’s reasonable that you might take the rejection a bit personally or feel profoundly disappointed. Don’t let this disappointment make you feel defeated. Instead, understand that there are complex reasons behind hiring practices and there’s a good chance a better opportunity awaits elsewhere.

2.   Don’t Let Silence Get You Down.

It’s hard to say whether it feels worse to go all the way through the interview process only to be rejected or to never get a call to begin with. If you know you’re qualified for a position, it can be incredibly frustrating waiting for a call that never comes.

Remember that not getting a call isn’t necessarily a reflection on you. Understand that a company may hire from within first or could be listing the job as a formality when they already have someone in mind for the job.

3.   Don’t Feel You Have to Settle.

One of the most common setbacks for engineers is finding a job that will pay them what they’re worth. It’s not uncommon to connect with a company that seems like a great fit for your talents and offers plenty of promise and room for growth but won’t pay enough.

Don’t settle for a pay cut if you know you have plenty to offer. Let them know their salary needs to be adjusted to be worth your while, and if they can’t make those adjustments, move on to a better financial fit for you.

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