If your business is considering a rapid expansion -- or you simply want to simplify your payroll and other associated expenses -- you may want to consider the benefits of leasing employees. Leased employees are directly employed by a staffing agency but operate in day-to-day operations exactly like hired staff members. Here are a few of the core benefits:

Simplified Payroll and Benefit Expenses

Rather than having to pay your own payroll and negotiate regarding benefits, you can leave all of these issues to the leasing company. The leasing company will collect a lump sum from you for the employee's time, letting you focus on other things instead. With a leasing company you won't need to pay for health insurance, 401(k) plans, other other associated employee benefits. 

Flexibility When Scaling a Business

Many a business has gone under when scaling upwards too quickly. But what can you do when you don't have enough employees to keep up with current demand, but don't want to commit to additional staff members immediately? Working with a leasing company empowers you with the ability to requisition additional workforce members on-the-fly, letting you upsize and downsize your staff as necessary.

Fewer Potential Liabilities and Legal Issues

Leasing companies can help you if you're concerned about employment laws and potential areas of liability. Employment law can be quite complex and it can be different for small to mid-sized business owners to remain up to date on current regulations, such as the requirements regarding overtime payments. A leasing company will be able to provide guidance for you if you have questions. Because you are leasing employees rather than hiring them, you won't need to worry about potential hiring or firing issues.

Pulling From a Larger Pool of Talent

Rather than having to sort through a pool of candidates on your own, you can tap into the extensive inventory of potential employees that the leasing company has access to. Leasing companies are able to quickly sort through their talent in order to provide the best solutions. Specific employees can still be hired through the leasing company as desired and businesses can even transition existing personnel to the staffing agency if desired.

Leasing agencies are a superb solution for those who need to acquire talent but who don't want to deal with the management of their staff members directly. As a cost-effective and versatile solution, it's ideal for organizations that wish to grow quickly or simply want to streamline their operations. For more information about leasing agencies and staffing companies contact OneTech today.