The need for cybersecurity expertise is growing exponentially in the Internet of Things (IoT) era, and finding the right staff has become crucial. This is especially true when seeking staff that has technical security skills to cover a broad range of business securities needs. Keep these considerations in mind when searching for an IT security manager and staff.

Building a skilled cybersecurity team begins with hiring the best IT security manager to fill the leadership role. Keep these three critical factors at the forefront when seeking an IT security manager:

Professional Experience

The first factor in evaluating a candidate is his experience in data and business security, although experience in a specific business may not be necessary. Seeking an individual with broad experience can bring a different angle to security that can greatly improve the business’s posture against attacks. Education is critical, but not the only factor that makes a successful manager. Having actual experience will enhance their ability to lead through problems that arise and provide guidance.

While experience is a high priority, a successful cybersecurity manager does not necessarily need to be a security expert. Having a diverse background in IT security can be a sign of having excellent team work, the capability of grasping the broad picture the ability to relate across many divisions.

Culture Fit

Finding a skilled candidate who will fit into the corporate culture should be high on the priority list as well. Ensure that the candidate shares the same values and mission of the company and team he or she will lead, as this will be crucial to the overall success and the data security program.

Broad Understanding of Business

A cybersecurity manager and team must have a broad understanding of how business operates in the new world of mobile devices. This means comprehending the overall priorities of the business and its operations in order to deploy the best security protections and technology. While a Chief Information Security Officer (CIO) will view business through a security magnifying glass, a security manager and team must be able to view security through the business magnifying glass.

Seeking out and hiring the best candidate for a security team can seem daunting and time consuming. However, finding a candidate with the right experience, understanding of business and corporate culture will not only improve data security, it will produce additional benefits to the business over the long run.