Although the American economy is currently facing unforeseen challenges, good engineers are needed now more than ever to help keep our infrastructure strong as the nation rebuilds. To meet these challenges, engineering and technology firms are focused on filling key roles with the best-suited candidates. In this time of transition, the focus will be away from an all-hands-on-deck strategy to instead filling critical engineering positions with those who can rise to the challenge. For engineering firms seeking the best candidates in their field, reaching across the generational divide to find the top candidates of all experience levels can prove challenging.

At One Tech Engineering, we work with candidates of all experience levels and generations every day to match the best job seekers with the right organizational fit. Here’s what you need to know about job search trends across generations to help you find the best engineering candidates for your firm.

Generational Synergy in the Workplace

Never before have employers had such a wealth of generational experience available. Baby Boomers offer decades of industry experience and a keen understanding of nuance and complexity that comes with it. Generation X workers are skilled translators between the generational divide, understanding older and younger generations and connecting well with all. At the same time, they are often seasoned professionals with a high level of expertise and professional versatility. Millennials tend to be more innovative and unafraid to challenge the status quo, while Generation Z offers a freshness of perspective and a more natural connection with technology.

 The best firms understand that each generation brings its own unique professional assets to the workplace. The key is to bring the generations together to create a powerful synergy where everyone contributes to the overall goal.

Reaching Candidates Across the Generational Divide

For employers seeking to bring in candidates of all generations, understanding the job search patterns of each generation is essential. Every generation tends to use technology and communicate differently, so it’s unsurprising that Boomers and Generation Z search for jobs differently as well.

Just as the younger generations tend to be more naturally drawn to technology in the workplace and their personal lives, the same is true for their job search patterns. Boomers tend to follow traditional job search routes like newspaper advertisements in addition to online job boards, whereas younger generations use tech-based searches. To attract the best talent across generations, experts recommend the following steps:

●        Consider offering part-time positions for high-demand skillsets

●        Offer flexible opportunities

●        Include candidates from other regions in your search

●        Focus on skill-based recruiting rather than specific jobs

Generational Engineering Staffing Minnesota

If you’re looking for ways to recruit more quality engineering candidates from all generations, our engineering recruiters at One Tech Engineering can help. We specialize in connecting the top engineering firms in Minnesota with the best people for the job.

With more than three decades in the recruiting business, we handle the hard part of human resources with a focus on long-term success for employees and engineering firms. To get in touch with the best engineers for your firm, connect with our engineering recruiters by calling 952.884.9199, or contact us to discuss your hiring needs.