One of the most time-consuming and costly efforts a company undertakes is the pursuit of the best employees for the job. If your organization has been handling your human resources recruiting internally, you may be spending money you could be investing into your company’s bottom line.


If you’re considering outsourcing your organization’s recruiting, there are a few things to take into consideration before you take the plunge. At One Tech Engineering, we’re your recruiting partner who specializes in connecting Minnesota companies with the best candidates for the job. If you’re considering outsourcing a recruitingagency, here’s what you need to know.


1.      Evaluate Your Cost and Potential Savings.

Most companies handle their human resources recruiting in one of three ways. Either they use a dedicated in-house recruiter, human resources department, or they assign the hiring duties to managers or other employees. In the latter case, managers often necessarily must pause their other responsibilities in order to oversee recruiting and hiring.


But no matter what your organizational approach to hiring, using an outsourced recruiter is nearly always more cost-effective than in-house hiring. A professional recruiter understands complex issues surrounding your industry and the job market and has expertise in assessing human capital. When you account for the financial burden of a hire that doesn’t work out, an experienced recruiting agent is worth the investment.


2.      Consider the Time Investment.

Hiring is a lengthy and often difficult task. First, your team has to advertise the position. Then comes the daunting task of screening candidates. Your team may read through dozens of resumes and cover letters before you even begin contacting candidates for interviews.


By outsourcing your organization’s recruiting, you pass off the difficult and time-consuming task of pre-screening candidates to professional recruiters. That frees your own staff to do what they’re best at and gets you on the path to a new hire much more quickly.


3.      Find Better Candidates.

One of the hardest parts of hiring in new staff is knowing where to look. Most employers turn to the usual online job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn. Openly advertising a position on public job boards can leave you inundated with less than qualified applicants. It can also cause distrust and contention among your existing employees when they see you hiring for certain positions.


A professional recruiter has an entire arsenal of places to look for the most talented professionals in the industry. This allows you to keep new postings confidential rather than announcing them publicly while at the same time bringing in a more qualified pool of candidates.


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Hiring our recruiters at One Tech engineering recruiting services is also a great way to save by scaling your hiring for large projects or increased demand. With contract, contract-to-direct, and direct hiring options, you decide what works best for your organizational needs. Learn more about our engineering and technical recruiting services by calling us at 952.884.9199, or contact us to up your hiring game.